“When what we introduce into the children’s world of ideas and feelings is in line with the direction of the developmental forces of a given stage of life, we strengthen the entire developing person in a way that remains a source of strength throughout that person’s life.”

—Rudolf Steiner

In 2003, a group of parents and their toddlers joined a Waldorf-based Parent/Child program at the home of our, now, Dean of Education. It was this group that planted the seeds of the growing Waldorf school we have today. Since then we have expanded our Parent/Child programs to include Me & My Baby and four Parent/Child classes including an Outdoor Class and a Bridge Class which transitions naturally into our Parent Participation Preschool Program.

Sprouts Baby Class

Our Sprouts Baby class is designed to help support parents/caregivers at this incredible time in their baby’s life by better understanding…

…child development so they can respond to their baby in a way that meets them where they are. We draw on inspiration from RIE and Waldorf to offer parents tools with which to be in a relationship with their child that allows the child the freedom to develop independently with wonderful, loving support. Here, we will provide a place where parents can become a part of a community, ask questions, and feel supported in their journey as parents.

This class is for babies newborn – 16 months old and their parent or caregiver held in 12 week sessions.

Seedlings Class

Our Seedlings Parent/Child class is a 2-hour class, 1 day a week, offered all school year (36 weeks) where parents/caregivers and toddlers…

…come together in a home-like environment to play and learn together. With outdoor and indoor play spaces, parents and children can explore and experience a soothing heart-felt rhythm that supports play, imagination and imitation. Our educators offer support and guidance in child development and education for each family and child through creative play, songs and movement, storytelling and handwork. Here, we will provide a place where parents can become a part of a community, ask questions, and feel supported in their journey as parents.

Child must be at least 17 months old as of start date.

Seedlings Outdoor Explorers

Our Seedlings Parent/Child outdoor class follows the same rhythm as our indoor class, but is held entirely outdoors in a local park. We will meet rain or shine, so with…

…appropriate dress, you and your child can explore nature in all its seasons. 

Child must be at least 17 months old as of start date.

Blossoms Bridge Class

This class will have the same rhythm our Seedlings Parent/Child class, but with a transitional period, when children will slowly have time…

in the classroom without their parents, who will attend parent education with Ms. Francesca. 

Children must be born on or before September 2018 to enroll in this class.

Class Teachers:

Francesca Preponis
Lead Teacher

Francesca feels blessed to serve as the lead teacher of Maple Village’s parent/child programs (Parent/Child and Me & My Baby classes) as well as the middle school chorus teacher.

Her journey with Waldorf education began when her first child began attending MVWS’ parent/child class, fully immersing herself in the years since in learning all she can about Waldorf. She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in music and owned and operated a Waldorf-inspired early childhood music enrichment program as well as working as a freelance vocalist and chorus teacher. This is Francesca’s third year as the lead teacher of the Parent/Child programs and fifth year as MVWS’ chorus teacher. When she isn’t teaching Francesca enjoys hiking and camping with her family, traveling, making music, making things with her hands and growing food.

Tanya Comerford
Assistant Teacher

Tanya Comerford is thrilled that her Waldorf journey has come full circle and brought her back to Maple Village Waldorf School, where she first…

…began as a new mother in the Parent/Toddler class with her 16-month year old. Enamored by the beauty, warmth, and care she received from this community, she quickly found herself sharing her gifts of food, herbalism, community organizing, and art with this beloved village. She now has returned as the Assistant Teacher to Maple Village’s Parent/Child programs. She can’t seem to get enough of Waldorf. She is currently enrolled in the Foundation Studies program at Waldorf School of Orange County to gain a deeper understanding of Anthroposophy. 
Tanya has been immersed in education, the arts, nature, health, and community development both locally and abroad over the past 30 years. As a doula and educator, she believes that one of the most impactful ways to create a better world is by uplifting and supporting the children born onto this planet and their families. She is developing her Mindfulness and Compassion practices to gain a deeper understanding and connection with herself and others.  
As a Certified Master Gardener, Chef, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Naturalist, Fire Performer, and Doula, you can find her gardening, reading, cooking, camping, traveling, making potions, dancing, and mostly spending time with her 7 ¾ year old and family.
Tanya graduated from UCI cum laude with a double B.A. in Psychology and Social Science with an emphasis in Cultural Anthropology. She served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mauritania and studied abroad in a rural village in the Yucatan and Mexico City.