Our Educator’s Values

Educators at Maple Village Waldorf School regard the value of incorporating a variety of cultures, experiences, opinions, life stories and learning styles in each classroom. We strongly believe that inclusion of this diversity is an essential part of educating the whole child, as it strengthens the connection on a soulful level to create a better understanding and comprehension in all subjects. This prepares them to be active, compassionate citizens and leaders of the future in a global community. 

Head, Heart, and Hands

Waldorf Education teaches the whole human being through head, heart and hands, and strives to bring a richer view of the world and connection to others. Students are presented a subject through stories from around the world and throughout history. They sing songs, dance or draw pictures in relation to the story and partake in various activities using their hands such as cooking, building, or handwork. Whether it is learning phonics through spoken multicultural tales starting in Early Childhood, Spanish studies in Grades 1-8 through traditional stories and songs, cooking and creating plays, building shelters as the Hebrew people did, in the Grade 3, or studying the heroes of recent history like Vandana Shiva and Martin Luther King, Jr. in Grade 4 and 5, the curriculum provides our students and families the opportunity to learn about and appreciate contributions from people of all cultures and walks of life. 

A Focus on Diversity

Our attention to diversity and inclusion is not only experienced in terms of curriculum content, but in its deliverance. By respecting each child as an individual, Waldorf honors their unique approach to learning whether it be visually, auditory or kinesthetically while also respecting various body types and the range of abilities in each student. In team activities, groups integrate genders, honoring without assumption, individual identity. We encourage a compassionate approach to competition; “I care more about my teammate than winning.”