” Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives. The need for imagination, a sense of truth, and a feeling of responsibility—these three forces are the very nerve of education. “

— Marie & Rudolf Steiner

Maple Village Waldorf School

Maple Village Waldorf School aims to create a compassionate and welcoming environment rooted in the traditions and the philosophy of Waldorf education. We endeavor to engage and nurture the whole child resulting in a balance of heart, mind, body and spirit. We strive to provide a full living education integrating academia, the arts and communal awareness in order to inspire, energize and develop creativity and a love of learning in each student.

We also place a high importance on contributing to and providing a positive focal point for the local community. Our school provides an environment that helps usher into the world well rounded individuals – learned, inwardly confident, responsible, and self-motivated – with reverence for others and their environment.

Our Values

Maple Village Waldorf School is proud to be a part of one of the most diverse cities in the United States. Although Waldorf Education began 100 years ago in Northern Europe, today we strive to cultivate an American curriculum; one that reflects and meets today’s student with respect, relevance, cultural awareness and… [read more]

Maple Village Waldorf School opened in 2008 with a philosophy and mission deeply aligned with the U.S Department of Education Green Ribbon School award. Having little to zero waste, low energy and water usage as a school, and farm to table education, heaps of outdoor time and… [read more]

Modern science is validating what Waldorf teachers have known for a long time: the consumption of media by infants, children and young people inhibits their healthy development. In today’s world, phones, movies, games, music, podcasts, texts, social media, calculator, calendar, word processor, research library… [read more]

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Walkthrough Tours

Early Childhood tours are held once a month.


Grades tours are held once a month.


Why Choose Waldorf?

Imagine an education that shares your values for nurturing your children. An education that allows them the time and space they need to learn in an unhurried, unstandardized environment. An education that challenges them to imagine new ideas, solve problems in new ways and see the world in a new light. An education that inspires them to trust themselves, develop their own gifts and reach beyond the expected. What you’ve imagined is a Waldorf Education. An education offered at Maple Village Waldorf School — one of over 1,100 Waldorf schools in 73 countries worldwide.



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Land Acknowledgment

“We acknowledge that the land on which we are gathered here today is the home and traditional land belonging to the Tongva Nation. Today we come with respect and gratitude for the Tongva people who still consider themselves the caretakers of this land of which we occupy. It is through their examples that we are reminded of our greater responsibility to take care of Mother Earth and to take care of each other.”

— Land Acknowledgement adapted from wording approved by Jimi Castillo, Pipe Carrier and Spiritual Leader from the Tongva Nation, a people that settled in the present day Los Angeles Basin and numbered approximately 5,000-10,000 years before European contact.

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